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20.03.14 - One Drop Charity: A fashion film featuring “The Lady Keniworth”, custom diamonds

I was excited to be approached a few weeks ago to do the creative for an exquisite diamond necklace called “The Lady Kenilworth”, recently donated to the One Drop charity.   The necklace is an artistic collaboration between Michael E. Minden and The Lady Kenilworth.

A fashion film by Ashley Avis for One Drop, featuring “The Lady Kenilworth” diamonds.

“One Night for One Drop” - onenight.onedrop.org/en/
an Alchemy Pictures production - alchemypictures.net

Model, James Arnett. Makeup by Leah Sheffield. Cinematography by Nathan Haugaard.  Set photos by Marcelo Araujo.

The diamond and aquamarine necklace and earring ensemble was a design collaboration between designer Michael E. Minden and The Lady Kenilworth for One Drop charity. The ensemble was created by the artisans of Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers of Las Vegas.

Jewelry Brand: Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers of Las Vegas
Jewelry Designers: Michael E. Minden + The Lady Kenilworth
Necklace Name: Lady Kenilworth

29.01.14 - White Lies Magazine Editorial on “Lone Ones” Fashion Campaign

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.45.56 PM

A big thank you to Stefan Dotter of White Lies Magazine for the beautiful write-up on the jewelry campaign I directed for “Lone Ones”.

See the full article here:  http://whiteliesmag.com/2014/01/23/classic-ones-mating-flights-ashley-avis-lone-ones/

11.01.14 - “Classic Ones” and “Mating Flight” for Lone Ones Jewelry, Directed by Ashley Avis

Very excited to debut two very special fashion films we recently did for “Lone Ones” – displaying the Mating Flight collection , as well as a 22 carat gold / blue enamel collection “Classic Ones”.

Written & directed by Ashley Avis.  Starring Itsaso Bolivar, Peter Kraus, and Kara Davis.  Produced by Elizabeth TenHouten.  Cinematography by Nathan Haugaard.  Original score for “Classic Ones” by Nicholas Luckinbill.

03.01.14 - Advanced Praise for “Lone Ones” Fashion Films / Directed by Ashley Avis


Thrilled that our Lone Ones fashion films are meeting this kind of praise.   Premiering January 10th, 2014 – both films will debut at The Gallery, Beverly Hills at a private screening.  Can’t wait to share them with you!

“Erotic, sensual with undertones of innocence that touches on sexuality with just a hint, allowing the mind to wonder. A surreal capturing of moments of lust, love and attraction.”
- Ricardo Garcia, Red Hot Society

“Ashley Avis awakes our deepest desires and takes us on an intense emotional journey with her new “Lone Ones” films.”
- Sefan Dotter, Editor-In-Cheif, White Lies Magazine

“Evoking pure passion and demanding attention, you have no choice other than to fully become emerged in the story and make it your own. Seductive, empowering, love in motion and I’m enchanted! I want to be there, I want to be them, I want whatever they are having!”
- Emma Ferreira, Internationally Renowned Mixed Media Artist

“Ashley once again creates a stunning piece of work. The beauty is surpassed only by the sheer scope of breathtaking magnificence. She is truly a talent to keep an eye on in 2014.”
- Brian Rowe, Entertainment Executive

12.12.13 - Lone Ones – Jewelry Commercial Campaign


Lone Ones, a stunning jewelry line – wrapped production in November 2013.  The films star Itsaso Bolivar (Next Models), Peter Krauss (Wilhelmina Models), and Kara D. (Elite Models).  Love stories in slow motion, of course.

Written & directed by Ashley Avis.  Produced by Elizabeth TenHouten.  Cinematography by Nathan Haugaard.  Original score being written as I write this by Nik Nikateen.  An Alchemy Pictures production.

The films will premiere in January, 2014 at a private screening in Los Angeles.


28.08.13 - Fanfare @ The Speakeasy

New iPhone app spot for “Fanfare”!

Directed by Ashley Avis.  Cinematography by Nathan Haugaard
an Alchemy Pictures production |  Rocket Science Labs
Producers:  Dennis Fontaine, Caity Engler, Nathan Haugaard & Ashley Avis

14.08.13 - Two New Music Videos: Check It.

Had the privilege to write & direct two new music videos for some incredible musicians over the month of July.  Take a look, below.

Amanda Thomson “Blessing in Disguise”
Premium Cali & Jingle Punks

Caroline Campbell “Skyfall”
Classical violinist / “To Hollywood with Love” CD


Written/directed/produced by Ashley Avis
Director of Photography:  Nathan Haguaard
Editing by Oliver Riley-Smith @ Coyote Post
Color by Paul Byrne @ Coyote Post

05.08.13 - Elite Daily & Red Hot Society: Lionne Blanche

lionne blanche fashion film

The folks at EliteDaily.com and Red Hot Society have both released great little articles – focusing on Lionne Blanche and what the team and I have been up to, recently.

Thanks guys!  Immensely flattered.  Check out these articles if you get a chance, and of course – our fashion film, Lionne Blanche!

Elite Daily – “Ridiculously Beautiful Women in White Swimsuits”

Red Hot Society – “Ashley Avis:  Making All the Rules”

31.07.13 -

Lionne Blanche (White Lioness)

Incredibly excited to debut a fashion film called “Lionne Blanche”. Shot in Malibu, CA and starring Mariah Bonner, Edward Winters, Chelsea Gabrielle, Angel Andres-Garet, Alexa Bondar, and Nick Sabatalo.

Featuring “Fleur Blanche” by the talented musician Orsten, with cinemetography by Nathan Haugaard. Color by Coyote Post. Written/directed/produced by Ash.

Featured by Elite Daily – check out the article!

11.06.13 - The Peach Kings

Another one of my favorite segments from the Premium Cali campaign: covering the Peach Kings at The Hit Joint in Silverlake, CA. We fused a music video with an interview and live rehearsal . . .

Check it out! Directed and Produced by Ash, Director of Photography Nathan Haugaard.
Editing by Oliver Riley-Smith, Color by Paul Byrne at Coyote Post.

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